Dogara urges Nigerians to pray for Buhari

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, on Sunday called on Nigerians to pray for the success of President Muhammadu Buhari's administration and leaders at all levels of government.

This is contained in a statement signed by the speaker's Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs, Mr Turaki Hassan, on Sunday in Abuja.

It said that Dogara made the appeal during a Church service at the Living Faith Church, Durumi, Abuja.

The statement said that the challenges confronting the present crop of leaders in the country were not ordinary, and that they required extra-ordinary prayers to overcome.

'I want to plead that because the problems we have now in the country are not conventional, and that conventional wisdom cannot solve them, we need divine wisdom.

'Without prayers, there is no way we can succeed. So, I urge that prayers and supplication be offered for all the leaders, beginning from the President to the least person in authority.

'So that we can embrace the wisdom that comes from God and apply those tools in bringing solution to the problems that are no longer conventional,'' it said.

It said that Pastor John Adelekun, in his sermon, called on the worshippers to serve God and tap into His blessings.

'Those who serve God don´t beg to be lifted and they are doing themselves favour when they serve God,' the statement added.

Steady Electricity

One of the most bugging problems in Nigeria today is the inconsistency in electricity supply by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN. But today, one can decide to live above this problem by installing a Simple Solar Electricity System (SSES) at home or in the office. This is the newest and the best way to have steady electricity supply. It has to do with the utilization of the energy from the sun to power our electrical appliances. This huge and inexpensive energy that the sun releases on a daily basis can be of immense benefit to us. So many people have already leveraged on this mouth watering opportunity in the country. A single installation can last for at least 25 years. No much maintenance is needed, no noise, no release of CO2  and other hazardous gasses into the environment, no fueling is needed, just install it in your house and begin to enjoy 24 hours of electricity.

With the solar panel and other components like inverter, Back up battery, charge controller etc, there can’t be any more darkness in your houses.

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Top 5 Radio stations In Nigeria for the 3rd quarter of 2013

     1.    The Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria (Past Ranking--- 1st Quarter: 3rd;    2nd            Quarter: out)

The Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria is the largest Radio network in Africa. The FRCN network covers the entire country and also reaches out to other parts of the world. The News at 7am, 4pm and 10pm; the program, Radio Link are most consistent and far reaching in the country. FRCN has kid stations like Capital Fm Abuja, Metro Fm Lagos, Coal City Fm Enugu, Hotland Fm Owerri and many others. The yearly FRCN October lecture stands out as one of the most educative and sensational forums in the Country.    

    2.   Nigeria Info (Past Ranking--- 1st Quarter: 4;  2nd Quarter: 2)

95.1 Nigeria info is the first and only talk radio in Nigeria. It is known for its vast informative and educative capacity in current affairs, life style, health and sports. Nigeira info has a Unique mobile application which gives listeners access to I-Witness features on their Blackberries, IPhones, Andriods and Windows mobile platforms. Its receptivity cuts across four geopolitical zones of the country.  Nigeria info with few toll free lines, affords listeners of different capacities the opportunity to contribute to varying national issues.       

RayPower FM   (Past Ranking---- 1st Quarter: 1;     2nd Quarter: 1)

RayPower FM is the first private radio outfit in Nigeria. Owned by Daar communications, a strong player in the Nigerian media industry, Raypower has broadcasting and transmitting stations in all the six geopolitical zones of the country. With popular programs like Political Platform, Fact file and Primtime Africa, RayPower is estimated to have the highest number of listeners in Nigeria.  

    4.   Brila FM      (Past Ranking--- 1st Quarter: 2;    2nd Quarter: 3)

Sports radio, Brila FM is the first and only sports radio in Nigeria. With stations cutting across five geopolitical zones in the country, Brila FM has the highest number of fan base in the country. Programs like Music and Sports, Sports Machine, Hard Tackle and the unique coverage of the English Premier League stands out as the most innovative sports programs on Nigeria air waves.

   5.     Rhythm FM  (1st Quarter: Contender;     2nd Quarter: 5)

Silverbirds Rhythm is one of the most popular radio stations in Nigeria. With receptivity cutting across five geopolitical zones of the country, Rhythm Fm has the best of DJ's in the country. It’s also known for its consistency and standard.

Top contenders:

  • Hot FM   (new)
  • Love FM  
  • Independent Radio Benin  
  • Cool FM  
  • Wazobia

This ranking was generated according to followership on social media, quality of programs, quality of broadcast and Network coverage.

To have your favourite radio station in the chart, text name of station to  08079249679. You stand  chance of winning a recharge voucher.

The Story of Sylvestar Stallone


This is one of the SADDEST stories ever told in Hollywood. His name is Sylvestar Stallone. One of the BIGGEST and Most famous American Movie superstars. Back in the day,Stallone was a struggling actor in every definition. At some point,he got so broke that he stole his wife's jewellery and sold it. Things got so bad that he even ended up homeless. Yes,he slept at the New York bus station for 3 days. Unable to pay rent or afford food.

His lowest point came when he tried to sell his dog at the liquor store to any stranger. He didnt have money to feed the dog anymore. He sold it at $25 only. He says he walked away crying. Two weeks later,he saw a boxing match between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner and that match gave him the inspiration to write the script for the famous movie,ROCKY. He wrote the script for 20 hours!
He tried to sell it and got an offer for $125,000 for the script. But he had just ONE REQUEST. He wanted to STAR in the movie. He wanted to be the MAIN ACTOR. Rocky himself. But the studio said NO. They wanted a REAL STAR. They said he "Looked funny and talked funny". He left with his script.

Afew weeks later,the studio offered him $250,000 for the script. He refused. They even offered $350,000. He still refused. They wanted his movie. But NOT him. He said NO. He had to be IN THAT MOVIE.

After a while,the studio agreed,gave him $35,000 for the script and let him star in it! The rest is history! The movie won Best Picture,Best Directing and Best Film Editing at the prestigious Oscar Awards. He was even nominated for BEST ACTOR! The Movie ROCKY was even inducted into the American National Film Registry as one of the greatest movies ever!
And do You know the first thing he bought with the $35,000? THE DOG HE SOLD. Yes,Stallone LOVED HIS DOG SO MUCH that he stood at the liquor store for 3 days waiting for the man he sold his dog to. And on the 3rd day,he saw the man coming with the dog. Stallone explained why he sold the dog and begged for the dog back. The man refused. Stallone offered him $100. The man refused. He offered him $500. And the guy refused. Yes,he refused even $1000. And,Believe it or Not,Stallone had to pay $15,000 for the same,same dog he sold at $25 only! Yes! And he finally got his dog back!

And today,the same Stallone who slept in the streets and sold his dog JUST BECAUSE he couldnt even feed it anymore,is one of the GREATEST Movie Stars who ever walked the Earth!


Being broke is BAD. Really BAD. Have You ever had a dream? A wonderful dream? But You are too broke to implement it? Too tiny to do it? Too small to accomplish it? Damn! I've been there too many times!
Life is tough. Opportunities will pass you by,just because you are a NOBODY. People will want your products but NOT YOU. Its a tough world. If you aint already famous,or rich or "connected",You­­ will find it rough.

Doors will be shut on You. People will steal your glory and crash your hopes. Yes,You will push and push. And yet NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

And then your hopes will be crashed. You will be broke. Damn broke. You will do odd jobs for survival. You will be unable to feed yourself. And Yes,you may end up sleeping in the streets.

It happens. Yes,it does.

BUT NEVER LET THEM CRUSH THAT DREAM. Whatever happens to You,Keep Dreaming.

Even when they crush your hopes,Keep Dreaming.

Even when they turn you away,Keep Dreaming.

Even when they shut you down,Keep Dreaming.

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF EXCEPT YOURSELF! People will judge You by HOW you look. And by WHAT You have.
But please,Fight on! Fight for Your place in history. Fight for your glory. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

Even if it means selling all your clothes and sleeping with the dogs,ITS OKAY!


When You are PRECIOUS to God,You become IMPORTANT to Satan.

Keep Up the Fight.

God is about to SUPRISE YOU.

And He will NOT only REWARD Your struggles,He will RESTORE for You EVERY precious thing You lost along the way. Like Stallone's dog

Change of Attitude


Self reformation is absolutely possible for every human being who is willing to drop some absurd characters and live a life that could amount to attitudinal integrity and selflessness. But to be selfless demands a degree of selfishness. Newton’s third law of motion in physics states that for every action there is equal and opposite reaction
F1 = F2

Now, how can one be selfish in order to be selfless?

My definition of selfishness here is thinking much about oneself and what one wants – avoiding external distractions and attaining spiritual energy. Let us once again cast our minds back to how Jesus carried out His ministry as a king in Israel. Before He started His reformation task on the life of Israelites, He went into the wilderness and spent forty days and forty nights. He was all alone, not having anything to do with anyone, but guess what? He was not lonely. He was in solitude, obtaining spiritual energy and strength in order to be able to carry out His ministry. Pastor Agbo Oni Orisan, a German based minister of God ones said:

“Solitude is the only way that God can drop spiritual energy in us”

In his message titled ‘Game change’, he made a lot of striking statements. As a Nigerian based in Germany, he compared life in Nigeria and how culture molds Nigerians to life and culture in Germany. According to him, Germany has a culture that encourages integrity. He reiterated how customary it was for every individual in Germany to live in such a way that they must always have time for themselves. For instance, two people are not supposed to share one bedroom in a house. But in Nigeria, what do we have?   Is it strange to find siblings shearing the same bedroom? It’s a normal thing down here. About five people can share a single room; it doesn’t really matter to us. “Life goes on” we always say.

“This is one of the most distracted generations where people don’t know the secret of being alone” Pastor Oni said.

One can be alone and not be lonely, when people say they are lonely, it makes me wonder. One should always endeavor to utilize optimally the time he or she spends alone.
Most Nigerian’s don’t do this and the government doesn’t even encourage it.  Being alone should not be misconceived as idleness or loneliness. One can be alone and not be lonely, one can also be surrounded by a lot of people and a lot of things and still be lonely. What really should be understood is that there is a lot of personal rejuvenation, spiritual edification and energy acquisition that can be accomplished through self seclusion. This is the type of selfishness that is required for an individual to lead a selfless life style in the society.


The proposed introduction of 5000 Naira note in the country is not opposed because it will cause inflation. There is already high inflation in Nigeria. In fact, the inability to curb it is what has necessitated this idea of printing 5000 Naira note. It is another way of conceding to the high inflation rate that is already wrecking havoc in the country. The main disappointment is the fact that the CBN and the economic team have surrendered to the high rate of inflation in the country by deciding to go ahead with the printing of 5000 Naira note. Soon, there will be need to print 10 000, 20 000 and 100 000 Naira Notes. If the economic problem in the country is not addressed from its roots, there will be no head way. If  the CBN and the country’s economic team were really working on curbing inflation in the country, and were hopeful that their work will yield the expected results, there wouldn’t have been any need to think of printing 5000 Naira note. This will by no means arrest the already prevailing inflation in the country. It is rather a defensive move that will not yield any permanent outcome. The 1000 Naira note was introduced not too long ago, but today, it has lost more than 40% of its initial value. In future, the 5000 Naira note if introduced, would similarly lose its value; a situation that could warrant the need to print other higher currency notes.

There should be another approach to handling the problem facing the Naira. Prof. Charles Soludo when he was the governor of the CBN ones brought an idea that could have done justice to the problem facing the Naira and re-initiated the use of coins in the country. That revaluation of the Naira could have made 20 Naira the highest currency note in the country. He intended to restructure the entire currency by dropping two zeros or moving two decimal points to the left from the currency and issuing more coin denominations. This would have entailed a total currency exchange and phasing out of all denominations that were in existence then.  This policy would have meant that the Naira / US dollar exchange rate would be around N1.25 to US$1.    But the elites gave reasons why it must not hold.
 Another better way to handle this problem is to totally restructure our currency notes by phasing out some and introducing very strong currency notes.   In this case, 10 000 and 5 000 Naira notes will be introduced alongside with the existing 1000, 500, 100, 50, 10 and 5 Naira notes. By this, 200 and 20 Naira would be phased out.
Introducing 5000 Naira note from the blue when 2000 Naira note is not yet present goes against the normal sequential pattern that our currency notes have been following. We have:
                                        5             10       20
                                        50           100     200
                                       500          1000     -
By following this sequential pattern, the 2000 Naira note should be introduced before 5000 Naira note. But this may amount to having so many notes in circulation. So it is better to scrap the 20 and 200 Naira notes and then introduce 5000 and 10 000 naira notes. In this case, we would have;
                                           5                 10
                                           50               100
                                           500            1 000
                                          5 000           10 000
Though not the best way to strengthen the Naira, this is at least better than just introducing 5 000 Naira note.

The present denominations in use in the U.S. are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 ;  Purely sequential. 


Prof. Pat Utomi in an interview did advocate for the crashing of this democracy in Nigeria. Though so hash a suggestion, so many gave it a positive nod. This democracy, though not yet crashed, has seen the gradual crashing down of so many institutions under it because of gross incompetence on the side of those manning them.
The Central Bank of Nigeria, established in 1958, is one of many institutions in Nigeria behooved with huge responsibilities that influences the way of life of every Nigerian. Cash is the major representation of Value that an average Nigerian knows of. So any cash policy fronted by the CBN can go a long way in directly affecting the economy of the country.
When Lamido Sanusi Was announced as the one to succeed Charles Soludo, I and so many other well meaning Nigerians had our reservations.

The vindication of my fears began to show up when he first criticized the seven point agenda of late president Umaru Musa Yaradua during his screening at the national assembly.  Instead of focusing on his area of specialization and how he hoped to work under the policy of Yaradua’s administration, he opined that the seven point agenda be changed. The seven point agenda was not changed but he still assumed duty as the CBN governor.
To me, that was a big flaw on his side. A sincere person would have rejected the appointment since the agenda of the government didn’t make sense to him or rather not publicly criticize the policy that he was about to embrace. I call that animal boldness.
Since assumption of duty as the CBN boss, it has been from one policy to another; from one restructuring effort to another; one of them being the release of 500 billion naira to some banks that were said to be unhealthy. After the huge sum was released, the banks still could not manage to cope; meaning that the tax payers’ money thrown into them were swallowed up without any meaningful positive outcome.  I remember the CBN said that that money released to those banks was a bailout fund. Later, the CBN again said it was a loan that the banks would have to pay back.  Do you give loan to who doesn’t demand for it? Loan means an amount of money you borrow with an intention to pay it back on a later date. Helping out firms or individuals with loan awards is based on the insistence by the awardees that they have what it takes to pay back the loan. According to the CBN, those five banks were given this money because they were unhealthy. But do you give loan to the sick? You as a person cannot give loan to somebody that is unhealthy. That’s because the person may not be able to pay you back. The person would obviously go to the hospital with the money and that would be it. You rather give the person money to get well first before you can give him or her  loan. That is bailing out the person not loan; dashing the person money.
Well, those banks that were given loan or bailed out are nowhere to be found today. Most of the staffs of those bailed out or bailed away banks as some may say are now back in the job market thereby increasing the unemployment status of the country and further shrinking the economy. Sanusi’s whirlwind wind you may say! All the restructuring moves made by Sanusi have all turned out to be progressing in error. The economy is doing worse than it was when he came on board.

Just of recent, the CBN came out with another unpopular plan to introduce 5000 Naira note, 5 Naira and 10 Naira coins in the country.  This is a pure evidence that Sanusi doesn’t feel the pulse of the people.  Most Nigerians in villages rarely touch 1000 Naira note. So why 5000 naira note? Since he is so much concerned about the cash in circulation, then why the cashless policy that has already kicked off. If the cashless policy already on is failing, then why don’t scrap it to make way for the introduction of another policy. I am not an economist, but I know that the cashless policy and the introduction of the 5000 Naira note are meant to achieve almost similar objectives; that is basically to reduce the cost of printing currencies. Any other reason for the introduction of the 5000 Naira note would be alien to the people of Nigeria who are those that will collectively develop this country. Why spend billions of naira on another policy when one that is supposed to arrest the situation is already in progress. Nigerians are saying no and Sanusi is still insisting that it must be done! Where is the sovereignty of the people???  My ink will run dry if I don’t stop now…

No matter what, Goodluck Jonathan still needs the Support of all Nigerians

Whether we accept it or not, Nigeria is dichotomized into two major camps. There are those who want to centralize everything in Nigeria and effectively create a Unitary state in the guise of federalism to the exclusive enjoyment of those who have used their ethnic base to secure a foothold on the citadel of political power in this mixmatched contrapment forced to life by Lugard; and there 
are those who want to live freely as co-travellers in the Nigerian journey to nationhood. The first group have seen in the Jonathan Presidency the biggest clog in the wheels of their quest for ethnic based political domination. These people highlight, nay amplify and hypobolize the flaws of his presidency, but never talk of it's success. These ones will tell you that Nigeria has her worst Olympic outing under JonathanJ truen but they will never tell you that Nigeria has also recorded its highest electric power generation output ever under same man.

They will tell you that the anti-corruption war is dying under him, but they will never tell you that no one before him has supported the war to this extent allowing all those involve in the process free hand to expose as much as there is to expose and no sacred cows have been recorded so far, not even the son of one of his closest political allies and party chairman, even though he needs same man for successful completion of his tenure.

For sometime now, I have taken my time to study the Nigerian political climate and have come to the conclusion that my favourite political theorist Nicollo Bernardo Machiavelli reached a long, long, long time ago that, the hardest feat to achieve in human society is to institute a new order; because the beneficiaries of the status quo will fight you fiercely to protect their advantages and even the would-be beneficiaries of your new order will join forces with the former to fight you due to ignorance.
I implore us not to be the latter. All those who know me, know that I am not a GEJ apologist. Yes, I know he has not lived up to our expectations. Yet I say support him, because he's not your enemy. Support him because we have more to lose in joining forces with his enemies. I'll hate to come back here or elsewhere years from now to say: "I told you". Most of those who want this man out are not asking for that out of any latent patroitic zeal to catapult this country to greater heights. They are only in the pursuit of parochial interest.
I know that this man has not met our yearnings and aspirations thus far as a people; but if you understand the workings of Politics, you will agree with one of my favourite black thinkers, Claude Ake, that in Nigeria there is a ruling class and there is a government. The former is in power while the latter is only in office and teleguided by the former. Yes GEJ is President and C-in-C on paper, but the reality on ground is that there are other counter-weighing forces that are more enthrenched and powerful than a Presidency that is time limited. This is not an excuse, just an illumination of the system. President or not, to these folks GEJ is still just a boy from the minority Niger Delta creeks occupying their stool. 
So they can do all in their power, by every means to kick him out. Don't be their unconscious tool in this venture.
Need I say more?

By Fortune Gods'Son Alfred

Money and Football

In recent times, there have been increased fear that the game of foot ball might be ruined by the activities of some football clubs that seem not to be tired of throwing around huge amount of money in purchase of their most desired players. Just recently, PSG football club in France signed Lucas Mora, a 19 years old Brazilian with a whooping sum of 45 million Euros. This same club is also said to have signed Swedish Ibrahimovic from AC Milan for a huge sum. Arsenal football Club is said to have lost about 7 of its star players between 2009 and 2012 to rival clubs in Europe because the players were lured and attracted by what the biding clubs were ready to pay for their services. Manchester city, an English football club, last season won the English premier league. This was attributed to their heavy spending in buying players like Yaya Toure, Kolo Toure, Aguero, Nazri, Marrio Balotelli, Clitchy, David Silver and Trevez. In buying these players, millions of pounds were expended.

Is it proper for players to be lured out of their clubs with money even when their contract has not expired?  Is football now all about money or about the sport called soccer, friendship and entertainment? Just like other sports, football is supposed to be a competitive game that should promote team play, physical well being of the body, mental alertness and friendship among competitors. Alongside promoting these qualities, football goes a long way in entertaining its players and fans.  However, since the inception of club football, a lot have changed. Football players no longer play only for their countries or districts, but also for clubs that sign and pay them heavily. As a result, money became the major aim of playing football for football players.
In club football, ones a particular club is rich enough to purchase the best of players, that club can go ahead to buy as many as possible without any restriction. So what then happens to the not too rich clubs? How will the game develop, be more exciting and unpredictable when only big clubs can get the big players.  Clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester city, PSG, Chelsea etc, have the best of players simply because they have the money to throw around. Sometimes, they go borrowing just to make sure that they get top stars into their clubs. This act leaves the less privileged clubs with little or no option. Clubs like West Brom, West Ham and Fulham cannot be thought of winning the premier league any time soon. This makes the round lather game boring and less entertaining.

The best way that this ugly trend can be checkmated is for football players to be ranked just like Lawn Tennis players. In the case of football, players should be categorized into 3 grades; grade A players, grade B players and grade C players. Then a law should be in place restricting clubs from having more than a specific number of grade A players.  There should be restriction on the number of grade A and grade B players that a particular club can have at any point in time. For instance, FIFA can make a law that clubs should have a maximum of 2 grade A players and 5 grade B players at a time. Players should be rated or ranked according to their skills, current form and experience.  This will go a long way in checkmating the way clubs roll out money to sign players. Assuming a grade A player was signed for 20 million pounds, then grades B and C should be bought for less than 20 million pounds. If a club then decides to buy a grade C player for the amount that  grade A players was bought,  the grade A players in that club will demand for higher benefit at the detriment of the club. If this is done, clubs will begin to exercise caution in splashing huge sum of money on players. A 19 years old Lucas Mora who is supposed to be ranked under grade C is not supposed to be paid higher than an Ibrahimovic  who is supposed to be a grade A player assuming this policy was in place. 



Effect of Poor Academic Performance in Nigeria's High Schools

Education is an exercise eternally concerned with bringing change in man in order that he could be in a position to develop himself mentally and otherwise in preparation for service not only to himself but also to the society. However, if an individual has been exposed to a process of education and yet ends up with a stunted overall personality, then question will be asked about how academically competent that individual was while in school.

Poor academic performance of students is one problem that impedes the smooth actualization of the purpose of education which is to mentally prepare an individual for service to himself and to the society. A student who has a poor academic record would find it difficult to cope in a competitive society. That individual may not also be mentally balanced enough or may lack the needed confidence to face life squarely. This could give rise to him or her not being able to deliver when given tasks that were not supposed to pose any challenge to them if they were well developed. On the other hand, students who perform poorly in school may surfer psychological problems which could lead them into crime, cultism, prostitution and all manner of social vices. This goes a long way to negatively affect the society thereby defeating the real aim of education. The student becomes disinterested and dissatisfied with activities in the class room making it difficult for him or her to study, make researches or even associate in a healthy way with fellow students and teachers. The student therefore, becomes so alienated from the teachers thereby bringing to naught the essence of student teacher relationship.

 When a student is doing poorly academically, the teachers are disturbed, as question could be asked about their modus operandi. It is always a thing of delight for a teacher to realize that his students are performing above average. But when this is not the case, the teacher is put under pressure. This affects his general output as a staff thereby undermining his personality and integrity. The teacher can also be tempted to give a false account of his students when the situation is beyond his control so as to save his own image. This on the long run may degenerate into production of half baked graduates in the society.
Poor academic performance of students is a scourge that is extremely inimical to the well being of the society. It is most frustrating for one to have been engaged in an activity geared towards yielding some specific result only to find out in the end that the result is not exactly what was expected. The aftermath effect could be tragic to the student, the teacher and the society at large.

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